Weekly Photo – Shape

I took this photo in the Chinese embassy. The  Chinese embassy has lots of interesting designs, and this is one of them. This is ceiling light in one of the conference room, and I think this represent shape because there are so many shapes like  circles, squares, rectangles, and lines included in one ceiling light.

Visual Review – Rocky

This movie is an action movie about Rocky, a man who was really passionate about boxing, but was never trained professionally. Because he usually doesn’t get a lot of money from his fights, he was also active in a gang in order to survive and make money. During this time, which was also the 200th anniversary of America, the heavyweight champion Apollo Creed, was prepared for a fight but unfortunately his opponent was injured. So instead, he decided to pick a random person to fight with, and the person who won fifteen rounds will win one hundred and fifty thousand dollar prize. This lucky person is Rocky. When Rocky was announced to fight Apollo, Mickey, his manager, agreed to train him. With Mickey’s training, his own faith and encouragement from his girlfriend, Rocky survived the fifteenth round, and earned everyone’s applause, although he lost the match. In the movie, the filmmaker uses different shots and angles to convey his ideas to the audience. The beginning of the movie starts with a full frame of Jesus and then switch to the fighting scene with Rocky. The filmmaker chose this scene to convey sympathy for Rocky, as he isn’t making a living off of his passion. Next, the camera zooms in on Rocky’s reflection as he studies photo of his younger self. The focus then changes to Rocky’s face contrasts with how naïve he looked when he was young and how tired and frustrated he is now. When Tony Gazzo left him alone after paying him money, the frame was a zooms out from Rocky’s face to the view of the street he’s walking on. This is used to show Rocky solitude. When Rocky was using a fire hydrant to break open a locker, the filmmaker chooses to use low angle to shoot the frame to make Rocky look strong. In addition, when Rocky is in a fight, the focus is mostly on Rocky’s face to show his determination to win the fight. When Mickey is begging Rocky to let him be his manager, the camera focuses on Rocky throwing darts. The camera is shooting Rocky instead of Mickey to show that the audience as well as Rocky shouldn’t be paying attention to him. In the previous scene, when the camera is shooting Mickey begging to help Rocky, the video uses a middle close up shot of Mickey to demonstrate that they are now equals. After Mickey’s successful training, Rocky ran to the highest place in Philadelphia with his hand held up high to show his victory. This iconic shot uses a low angle to show Rocky’s strength and determination after all his hard work. The filmmakers chose multiple street scenes because it uses the street as lines that go across the whole scene, and uses unequal spacing for Rocky when he is walking on the street. Overall, I think this is a great film not only for the meaning behind it but also for the choices in camera angles and shots.