Visual Review – Movie Poster

For my visual review of a movie poster, I choose a poster form The Dark Knight. I like this poster because the cold color that it uses, the Why So Serious sentence with a happy face drew with blood, and the blurry effect of the Joker.

When I first see this poster, the red Why So Serious sentence jumped out of the frame because the color contrast of the light blue and red is so strong. This is also a sentence that the main character, the Joker used a lot in the movie. He says this sentence when he is about to murder/ cut somebody but that person is crying or terrifying in the movie. When I am taking a closer look at the writing, it becomes really interesting. First of all it is all red, which I said in the beginning, it made a strong contrast from the background color. Second of all, we can see the blood dripping down which makes me think about this is actually blood written on the screen. Third of all, the letters are all capitalized, which makes the whole sentence important and outstanding. Fourth, the letters of serious, the question mark and the happy face is redder than other letters in the sentence, which makes the letters creepy; especially Joker’s smile, because it is the last and the reddest part of the sentence. Fifth, at the end, it has a smile, which is the classic Joker happy face that he has on his, and the happy face also matches the actual face of the Joker in the background. Since the Joker bent his body to the right, his face is actually between the question mark and the end of the curve, so it makes the happy face on the screen seems suitable on his face in the background. The poster also uses symmetric for the words at the bottom, and a sort of symmetric for the buildings in the background.

The blur of the Joker is also very interesting. The creator of the poster intentionally blurred almost every part of the Joker except of his hands. Joker’s face is blurred because the designer of the poster wants us to match the drawn happy face to Joker’s face. His hands is not blurred because we want to see that one of Joker’s hands has blood remaining, and the other is internationally pointing at us like saying “Why So Serious” to us, which seems more like advertising the movie to me because Joker is creating an interaction with the audience. The part under Joker’s hand is also blurry because we want to see the movie information clearly.

The color choice is also impressive. Besides the smile that the Joker draw and “Why So Serious” that he wrote, everything else is in blue either dark blue or light blue. The background is filled with plain light color, which is really good to outstand the dark blue jacket that Joker is wearing, and contrast the blood handwriting. The near white blue color also makes an effect that the city looks foggy and sketchy since the Joker is in the city. Because the blue color is usually used in horror movies; therefore, this color also gives a creepy and cold effect to the audience especially with the blood.

Overall. I think that the poster did a good job presenting the main character and the place that the movie is taking place. While also attracting the audience to see the movie because Joker is pointing at the audience when he is writing Why So Serious.