Self Portrait

This is the 3 original photos that I took:



And this is the what I did to them:

What I basically did is:



The photo that I am sitting is the top layer, then the black and white one, then the pinkish one.

I first adjust the brightness/contrast and the level of the three photos due to the fact that my camera chooses different amount of exposure for each photo. I then turn the color of the photo that I am pretending to smoke to a black and white one, and change the hue and saturation of the photo that I was in my halloween costume (which I am a dinosaur) in to an extreme pinkish color. After that, I make the black and white one into an oil painting texture, and liquified the pinkish photo. By finishing all of these steps, I carefully erased the first layer; therefore, I can have the other two pictures appear in the whole frame. I also mosaic the girl that is sitting behind me.

Original – Contrast

I discovered this photo after I finished taking a bunch of photos of my roommate with a mask on. In this photo, my roommate was taking off the mask that I gave him while the light was hitting on the mask and his face. I think this is a great picture about contrast because the dark background contrasts the mask and the face of him, which strongly made my roommate look serious/creepy .

Addictive – Photo Essays

The man in this photo represents a person that is addicted to cigarettes. While having a break to catch some fresh air, the man chooses to have a cigarette. The expression of the man in picture number four and five (start counting from the upper lefthand corner to the bottom righthand corner) show how addicted he is, willing to sacrifice his fresh air for nicotine. By the time he finishes the cigarette he disappears in the dark to continue doing his work.

Thanks M.W. for helping me shoot this precious series of photos.