Diversity Project

For this project, I grouped with Malcolm. He works for the AU athletes, so we decided to visit his work place and experience his work life after school. The hall of fame is the room that we first entered. There was also another trophy collection on the back side of me.



He then showed me his office where he usually do post production for pictures and videos that he took on the field. However, this doesn’t sound as interesting as it should be!


In order to not being bored, there is place that he can watch people working out and laugh about them. (Just kidding). By sitting there he can see how hard working other people are, so he has a motivation to go back to his computer and work harder.


He also brought me to the arena which there was a women basketball game going on. This pictures showed how he usually film videos when a game is happening.

DSC_5767Overall, I enjoyed the experience with Malcolm working for the AU Athletics. However, this is not an easy job. You have to take photos/ videos and also do post production and only get paid for $10/ hr. But  I think it is fine as long as he enjoy his work. I hope I can see him some day when I watch AU athletics matching with other teams!

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