Lumier Project Redo

Our Lumier project is about just having a really bad day. It starts off with our character getting a text messages about a really bad grade on paper. She furiously types back and then puts on her chap stick. She is so mad that the Chapstick seems to fly out of her hand and on to the floor. As she reaches to pick up the Chapstick she falls on the floor. As she goes to get up she bumps her head on the table, falling back down to the floor. As she tries to pick herself up again and on to the table she slips not once but twice. Finally she gets up and brushes herself off. Thinking her day can’t any worse she starts to walk out of the room. As she walks away she runs into the table and then walks straight into the door. She becomes frustrated so frustrated and stomps away.

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Take 5 (Final)


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